I’m Debra. 34 years ago I became a mom. Now I’m  a grandmother. Wow! When my grandmother was my age she had the countenance of an old woman, walking slowly, slightly hunched, dressed like an old woman would have in those days. Did I say old woman – twice? I’m talking 60 – my age now. I’d like to believe that 60 is the new 39. I want to be the grandmother who gives my grandkids underdoggies on the swings at the park; I welcome a scolding from my own kids for playing wild hide-and-seek with their little ones. I want to earn the title: Superbubbie!

Being totally honest though, 60 is 60. One by one, I see my friends filling prescriptions for high blood pressure and cholesterol meds – having knee or hip replacements – trouble sleeping – serious diseases. Some of us have inherited a predisposition to develop a certain condition, and we have no control over what environmental exposures we’ve had in the past. But I have learned that we can push back and take control over whatever we possibly can.

When I have my annual check up, my results are fine. Still, I do have issues, the same ones that I’ve always had. I’m one of those “canaries” that John Molot talks about in his book, 12,000 Canaries Can’t Be Wrong. I’m sensitive to all kinds of foods and odours around me. I don’t want my canary tendencies to interfere with keeping my title. And I want to maintain the best quality of life I can for as long as I can!

I was so lucky to have met John – and even luckier that I met him socially, not as my doctor – otherwise he wouldn’t have been able to marry me! Not only has John treated over 12,000 canaries, he lives with one (actually two – my daughter is also a canary).

When I have complaints about my health, he tells me to call my doctor. But when we decided to make a lifestyle change it was John’s environmental medicine brain that guided our choices. I just realized that it will be 9 years this February that we made this change. Even with the issues that I have with scents and many food sensitivities, I feel better than I did 10 years ago.

In the chapter More Dots to Connect, John writes that in the U.S., 9 to 13 billion tablets of acetaminophen are used annually, amounting to 50-70 tablets per person per year. That was me before we made the change. I had headaches every day, back spasms and assorted other aches and ailments several times a week. After a few weeks into our new lifestyle I started to notice how much better I was feeling. It made me wonder why anyone would accept less than optimal health. When I stray off course and cheat too much, not surprisingly certain symptoms sneak up again. Those are my alarm bells signalling that it’s time to get back on track. And within a few days I’m back to feeling better.

Why did I start this blog?

So many people have asked us what we mean by lifestyle change and how we implement the change in our own life. I’m writing this blog to share our experiences with individuals who are either contemplating or are ready to commit to a change but don’t know what to do or how to start. While John’s blog posts will continue to provide the latest information concerning environmental health, my posts will be about putting the plan into action. You can even join my facebook group where we can share ideas, recipes, exchange tips, and help each other be motivated and stay on track.

There’s a fine balance between maintaining good health into old age and enjoying the quality of life we want today. Let’s all stay healthy, happy and vital as long as we can!